About Us

very wood ideas is a Madrid-based studio dedicated to the design and manufacture of wooden furniture and other functional pieces. Each piece is designed and handmade by Simone Nicotra. 

This project was born from the curiosity, need, and desire to create decorative unique objects that always involve the consumer in mind. Nicotra previously worked as an art director for 10 years in different fashion magazines, and subsequently moved towards this life-long project. It was paramount for him to always incorporate the wishes of those who use his pieces, thus designing for their pleasure, always.


*Our intention is to create unique pieces that balance function and design.

*Color and concept are an integral part of the function and design.

*Each and every piece is created with extreme dedication, time and care.

*The finishes are done in the most ecological manner. 

*We are involved from the beginning to the end of each project: no project begins until we fully understand the client’s needs and vice-versa.